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Yo-Yo Christmas Wreath


A beautiful fabric project



​A perfect decoration for Christmas

What will you need?

  • 30mm (1.25") Clover yo-yo maker
  • ​45mm (1.75") Clover yo-yo maker
  • An assortment of fabrics
  • ​18cm x 36cm (7" x 14") piece of pelmet Vilene
  • 2 x 23cm (9") squares of plain fabric​
  • Assorted beads and sequins
  • 1 mtr co-ordinating ribbon
  • Thread
  • Toy Filling
  • Needle, scissors, sewing machine (optional)


Make up your yo-yos following the packet instructions.

You will need approximately

  • 12 large (45mm) yo-yos
  • 15 small (30mm) yo-yos

​These quantities may vary a little depending on how you arrange the yo-yos around your wreath

To make the base ring -

  • ​Draw two 18cm (7") circles on the pelmet Vilene with inner circles of 10cm (4") to form two rings
  • Cut around the outer circles leaving the middle intact


  • Place one of the circles on one of the squares of fabric and stitch round pulling the fabric over the edge of the Vilene as you go
  • Do this as neatly as you can , but most of this is going to be covered​
  • ​Repeat this for the second circle adding a 15cm (6") loop of ribbon at the same time. This will be your hanging loop


  • Now cut the Vilene out of the centre, taking care not to cut all the fabric away
  • Once the Vilene is removed trim some of the fabric away and snip the rest so it will pull around the curve
  • Stitch round the inner edge of the ring pulling the fabric over the edge of the Vilene as you go
  • Trim away any excess fabric
  • ​You should now have your two rings covered on one side

Now it's time to assemble your wreath

  • Arrange your yo-yos in a ring mixing up the sizes
  • I find it easier to use one of the rings to arrange my design around and then sew them to the other ring
  • Stitch all your yo-yos on to the covered side of the ring without the ribbon loop
  • Embellish with beads and sequins
  • ​I've used 3mm and 5mm gold pearl beads, 4mm gold glass E beads and 8mm sequins, but any combination is fine

To add the ribbon loops -

  • ​take approx. 5cm (2") of ribbon and curve it in to a loop then tuck the raw edges under the yo-yos and stitch in place

These ribbon loops can be added in to fill any little gaps you have between the yo-yos.

  • Now put the two rings together (right side out) and stitch round the edges. Remembering to place the ribbon loop at the top.
  • It is easier to have two needles threaded and stitch a little way round the outer edge and the inner edge at the same time adding the toy filling as you go

Adding the toy filling gives the wreath a 3-dimensional look

You can, of course, stitch the rings together flat instead

This larger green wreath was made in the same way but using a 28cm (11") base and embellished with buttons and tiny toy bells.