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Yo-Yo Christmas Star

A beautiful fabric project


​A perfect decoration for Christmas



What will you need?

  • 30mm (1.25") Clover yo-yo maker
  • ​45mm (1.75") Clover yo-yo maker
  • An assortment of fabrics (we used 4 shades of blue)
  • ​5mm silver pearl beads
  • 4mm silver pearl beads​
  • 6mm x 9mm silver pearl drop beads
  • ​A fancy bead or button for the centre
  • Co-ordinating ribbon, cord or thread for a hanger
  • Thread, needle and scissors

Make up your yo-yos following the packet instructions.

You will need approximately

  • 1 large (45mm) dark blue yo-yo
  • ​5 large (45mm) medium blue yo-yos
  • ​15 small (30mm) light blue yo-yos
  • 5 small (30mm) very light blue yo-yos


  • ​Arrange the 5 large medium blue yo-yos in a circle leaving enough room in the centre for the large dark blue yo-yo to slightly overlap
  • ​Stitch each yo-yo together using a few small stitches on the sides


  • Place the large dark blue yo-yo in the centre and stitch in place
  • ​Add a 5mm silver pearl to the centre of each yo-yo and a fancy bead in the centre of the darkest yo-yo. If you don't have one you can add a cluster of smaller beads in the centre instead
  • ​You can stitch all the yo-yos together before adding the beads if you prefer


  • Stitch a small light blue yo-yo in the gaps between the medium yo-yos

  • Now add 2 more small light blue yo-yos on either side of these, creating the start of the points


  • Lastly add the 5 palest blue yo-yos to make a point
  • ​If you haven't already done so add a 5mm silver pearl bead to the centre of each yo-yo

  • Now, going round the edge of the star shape add a 4mm silver pearl bead in the gaps between the yo-yos

To make the star points -

  • ​Stitch a 5mm silver pearl onto the end of the palest blue yo-yos followed by a silver droplet and a silver seed bead
  • Push your needle back through the droplet bead and the 5mm pearl, avoiding the seed bead

  • Gently pull your thread tight and add a few stitches to secure the beads

For one of the points, instead of just stitching on the beads you need to add a hanging cord, we used a woven lurex embroidery thread for this.

  • ​Make a loop by folding a 20cm (8") piece a cord in half and knotting the end together
  • ​Thread this onto your needle and push it in through the centre of the yo-yo and out through the edge (top)

  • Thread on a 5mm silver pearl and a silver droplet bead
  • ​Now remove your needle and tie a knot in the cord just above the beads securing them in place




We've left the back of ours plain but you could also add more beads to the centres of the yo-yos making it a double-sided decoration.


O​r it would make a beautiful cushion or wall hanging by adding it to a background panel.


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