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Wedding Ring Bearer Cushion - White


A beautiful fabric project


​Perfect for making your wedding day special


​Finished size approx. 25cm x 25cm (10" x 10")


What will you need?

  • 2 x 25cm squares of fabric
  • 2mtr x 3mm pearl beading
  • ​25cm x 50mm wide satin ribbon
  • ​25cm x 15mm wide silver-edged satin ribbon
  • 50cm x 3mm wide silver-edged satin ribbon
  • ​A ribbon rose made using 80cm x 25mm wide ribbon
  • ​Toy filling
  • Thread
  • Needle, pins, scissors, sewing machine
  • Take one 25cm square of fabric and lay it right side up
  • Place the 50mm wide satin ribbon across the centre

  • Now lay the 15mm silver-edged ribbon on top of that
  • ​Pin temporarily, just to stop it moving

  • ​Next place the second piece of fabric over the top, right sides together, sandwiching the ribbon in the middle
  • Pin in place
  • ​Stitch round the edge leaving an opening for turning. It's better if you don't leave the opening on one of the sides where the ribbon is

  • Turn right side out and press
  • Stuff with toy filling
  • ​Stitch up the opening

  • Lay the pearl beading along the side seams of the cushion and hand stitch it down

If you want to tuck the ends into the opening as you stitch it up you can, otherwise, you can just snip the ends and sew them down making sure they meet without leaving a gap.

  • Take the 50cm x 3mm wide silver-edged ribbon and fold it in half
  • ​Push the loop under the wide ribbon attached to your cushion

  • Take the loose ends of the ribbon and pull them through the loop

  • Pull tight-ish, gathering up the ribbon band attached to your cushion
  • Arrange the gathers for a pleasing finish and stitch the ribbon in place
  • Next sew or stick your ribbon rose in the centre of the ribbon band leaving the thin ribbon tails hanging loose


Instructions for the ribbon rose can be found at

​Ribbon Rose Instructions


  • Thread your wedding rings onto the thin ribbon tails and tie in a bow to secure them


​You can trim excess ribbon off but it is best to keep it fairly long so there is no fiddling when it comes to the ceremony

You can add the initials of the bride and groom if you wish or match the colours with the bridesmaids.