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Twisted Snowflake Decoration

​A perfect decoration for Christmas


Approx. finished size 32cm (12 1/2")

What will you need?

  • 17cm x 112cm of fabric in two contrasting colours (enough for 6 squares of 17cm in each colour)
  • Bondaweb - enough to cover your fabric
  • ​Rotary cutter and ruler
  • ​Glue gun and glue sticks
  • ​Iron

  • Iron the bondaweb onto the back of each piece of fabric
  • ​Peel off the paper backing and put both fabrics wrong sides together and iron to stick. This will give you a double sided fabric


  • Cut the fabric into 15cm squares. You need 6 in total
  • ​Give them all another press with the iron to ensure all the edges are stuck together

​By starting with a slightly larger piece of fabric than you need and cutting it down it ensures that all the edges are stuck and won't fray

  • Take a square and fold it in half, point to point
  • Then fold in half again, point to point​ to make a triangle

  • Place the triangle with the straight edge to the left and the double fold at the bottom
  • ​Mark out three lines 2cm apart running parallel with the straight edge


  • Starting at the bottom and going upwards, carefully cut along these lines using a rotary cutter and ruler, stopping about 1cm from the top fold. If you cut through the top fold you will end up with scraps


It is a bit tough to get through all the layers so check before you move the ruler along to the next line. Be very careful not to get your fingers in the way.

​If you are confident enough you don't need to mark the fabric just line it up on the cutting board and use the measurements on the board

  • ​Repeat this with all six squares
  • Open out each square and lay it flat
  • ​The colour that is face up will be the dominant colour

  • Start in the centre and pull up the two middle points

  • Curl them back and put a blob of glue on one piece and stick the other piece to it, overlapping it slightly

​Because this is quite a small piece you might find it easier to poke a pencil or knitting needle through the middle to help you press the pieces together

  • Miss out the next two points and pull up the third set
  • ​Curl them round in the same way and overlap the points and stick down.

​You need to work quite quickly with the glue gun as the glue dries quickly. If you get a piece in the wrong place you can pull it apart and the glue should peel off to give you a second chance. Be careful not to burn your fingers.

  • Turn the whole thing over
  • Curl up the two inner points and stick as before
  • Then do the same with the two remaining points
  • This is one segment finished

​A group of these hung up like baubles is also really effective.


  • ​Repeat the whole process with the other five squares.
  • Make sure you always start with the same colour facing upwards.
  • Now you have finished your six pieces, lay them out in a row all the same way round, with the larger side to the left.
  • Take two segments and put glue onto the right hand side of one where the fabric crosses (in this case the red piece)
  • And stick it to the next segment
  • Now stick a third segment on so you have three in a row
  • Put glue on the bottom points and stick the three together making a fan shape
  • Repeat the whole process with the other three segments
  • ​You should now have 2 fan shapes. Lay them together, one facing up the other down
  • Stick one side together in the same way as before
  • Then do the other side
  • As you stick the sides together the two centre points naturally curl in together. Stick these together
  • ​Remove any loose glue strands
  • ​You can now push a needle and thread through one of the points and make a hanging loop. We used invisible thread but you could use any sort of thread or thin ribbon

Your snowflake is now complete.


​You can vary the sizes.

If you want to go much larger than this we recommend you use an extra strong bondaweb otherwise it is not stiff enough and will flop.

​You can also make them out of paper or thin card and use a paper glue instead of the glue gun.


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