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Snowflake Christmas Card


An easy Christmas card project




What will you need?

  • XL461 White border peel off stickers
  • XL500 Silver border peel off stickers
  • ​XL701 Silver Snowflake border peel off stickers
  • ​XL442 Silver Snowflake peel off stickers
  • ​CPA024 Snowflake assorted paper pack
  • ​Double-sided tape, glue, ruler, craft knife & scissors, etc
  • ​PK248 white 150mm x 203mm card blank

  • Cut a 10cm x 19cm of light blue snowflake paper
  • ​Stick it to the card blank approx. 1cm from the top and left-hand side

  • ​Cut a 8cm x 17cm piece of darker blue snowflake paper
  • ​Stick it onto the light snowflake paper approx. 0.5cm from the top and left-hand side

  • Attach a thin silver border peel off (XL500) around the edge of the light blue snowflake paper


  • Using the white border peel off (XL461) cut a length 7.5cm (or six ovals) long

  • Stick it to the card blank at an angle, the centre of the peel off is approx. 8.5cm from the top of the card.

​This will be the biggest snowflake. You can change the position if you wish.

  • Cut another piece of white border peel off the same size
  • Stick it across the first making a cross shape with the centre squares lined up

  • Cut two more lengths of peel off border
  • ​Stick them on top of the others, changing the angle so you end up with an eight pointed snowflake

  • Now cut a 3cm (or 2 ovals) piece of white peel off border this time ending with the little squares

  • ​Stick this to the card blank lower down than the previous snowflake
  • ​Cut three more pieces of border this length
  • ​Stick them together in the same way as before, creating a smaller snowflake
  • Next, cut a 2.5cm (2 ovals) piece of border
  • ​Stick it to the card blank towards the top this time
  • Cut three more pieces the same size and arrange as before


​You can place the snowflakes where you want and vary the sizes.

  • For the last snowflake, cut a 5cm (4 ovals) piece of border
  • ​Stick it lower down on the card blank towards the right.
  • Cut three more border pieces the same size
  • ​And repeat the process to create another snowflake
  • You should have 4 snowflakes of varying sizes on your card blank
  • Attach a couple of silver snowflake border peel offs (XL701) down the right-hand side of the card blank, vary the lengths. They look best when they are cut to end in a snowflake


  • ​Add a small silver snowflake peel off (XL442) to the top left corner of the paper
  • And the same at the bottom right corner
  • You can now add an assortment of silver snowflake peel offs (XL442) to the card blank to enhance your design
Your card is now complete.