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Seagull Tote Bag

This great tote bag is perfect for the beach or picnics



What will you need?

  • ​2 pieces 20cm x 45cm seagull patchwork fabric (outer)
  • ​2 pieces 20cm x 45cm spot patchwork fabric (outer)
  • 2 pieces 38cm x 45cm turquoise fabric (lining)
  • ​2 pieces 38cm x 45cm medium iron-on interfacing (lining)
  • ​2 pieces 15cm x 20cm fabric (pocket)
  • ​2 pieces 40cm x 45cm wadding (outer)
  • ​2 pieces 16cm x 112cm turquoise fabric (handles)
  • ​1 piece 15cm x 20cm medium iron-on interfacing (pocket)
  • ​Needle, thread, scissors, iron and a sewing machine

  • Place a piece of seagull fabric and a piece of spot fabric right sides together and stitch along one of the longest sides

​If your fabric is directional, as mine is, check it is the right way up.

  • Open out and press the seam flat
  • ​Repeat with the other 2 pieces of fabric

For the pocket -  

  • Sew a 4cm wide strip onto the top of the seagull fabric
  • ​Then sew the second piece of fabric onto this.
  • Press the seams flat


  • Fold this piece in half, right sides together and stitch along the bottom edge
  • Turn right sides out and press
  • ​Then top stitch along the top edge where the turquoise fabric is
  • ​This is your pocket done, leave to on side



To make the handle

  • Fold one of the handle fabric pieces lengthways
  • ​Press and then open out
  • Fold each side into the centre crease and press


  • Fold the strip in half again finishing with a 4cm (1.5" ) wide handle
  • ​Repeat for the other handle

  • Now stitch along the length of each handle, open side first.
  • Repeat along the other side
  • ​If you wish, you can stitch down the centre as well

  • Lay a piece of wadding out
  • Place one of your bag side panels on top of it and pin in place
  • Place the pocket approx. 6cm (2.5") from the bottom of the panel and 15cm (6") in from each side
  • ​Pin in place, you may need to adjust the position slightly when you add the handles

  • Lay one of the handle strips starting at the bottom of the panel and approx. 12cm (4.75") in from the sides
  • ​Go straight up the bag, make a loop at the top (above the edge of the panel) and bring the handle strip back down to the bottom of the panel
  • ​This should also overlap the edges of the pocket
  • ​Pin in place

  • Now stitch along the lines you already have on the handles
  • ​Starting with the side that overlaps the pocket. As you stitch the handles down you will also be stitching the sides of the pocket in place
  • ​Stop approx. 3cm (1.25") form the top of the bag panel
  • Stitch across the handle, then diagonally to the right side approx. 4cm (1.5") down, across the width of the handle then up diagonally to the top right hand corner, across the width of the handle again and straight down the side of the handle.
  • This should give you a stitched square at the top of the handle with a cross in it, giving your straps added strength
  • Carry on stitching down the side of the handle to the bottom
  • ​Then repeat for the other side of the handle
  • ​Now repeat this whole process for the reverse of the bag, but this time without the pocket
  • Trim the edges of both bag panels if necessary
  • ​Then pin both panels right sides together with the handles at the top
  • ​Stitch down each side and across the bottom
  • ​Now cut out a 5cm (2") square from the bottom two corners
  • Open out the corner and match the seams together to form a straight edge across the corner
  • Pin in place
  • And stitch across the corner
  • Repeat for the other corner and turn right side out

You should now have a bag shape


  • Iron the medium weight interfacing onto the two pieces of lining fabric
  • Join the two pieces of lining fabric right sides together, stitching down the sides and across the bottom
  • Cut and stitch the corners in the same way
  • Leave the lining inside out
  • ​Put the bag outer inside the lining and match up the side seams
  • ​Pin around the top of the bag making sure the handles are tucked in


  • Stitch around the top of the bag leaving an opening for turning
  • Turn right side out and stitch up the opening that you have left
  • ​Top stitch around the top edge of the bag
Your bag is now finished and ready for the beach


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