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Roses and Chocolates Card


A beautiful card making project

Great for an anniversary,

Mother's Day or Valentine's Day



What will you need?

  • DCD571 Roses & Chocolates Die-Cut Decoupage sheet
  • ​XL640 Gold Heart Border peel off stickers
  • ​CPA008 Painted Textures paper pack
  • ​A4 piece of red card
  • ​PK178 White 144 x 144mm card blank and envelope
  • ​Double-sided foam pads, glue, double-sided tape, ruler, craft knife & scissors, etc

  • Cut a 2.5cm strip off the front right-hand side of the card blank

  • ​Cut a 2.5cm wide piece of red paper or card to go down the side of the card blank. If you cut it slightly longer than the card blank you can trim it after it's stuck to make sure it reaches right to the edges
  • ​Stick it on the inside of the card blank down the right-hand side so that it will show on the front when the card is closed
  • ​Cut a 1.5cm wide piece of pink paper or card and stick it onto the red piece, towards the right side to leave a thin red border down the edge

  • Stick a gold heart border peel off sticker (XL640) down the centre of the pink strip
  • ​Stick gold border peel offs (XL500) down both sides of the pink strip and one down the inside edge of the red strip. The XL500 peel off sheet has different widths of border on it, so you can vary these if you wish
  • ​Trim off any excess

  • Cut a red piece of card 11cm x 13.5cm

  • Pop out the main decoupage picture from the sheet
  • Stick it on top of the red card​

  • Now stick it onto the front of the card blank

  • Add a gold heart border peel off sticker (XL640) across the top left-hand corner


  • Pop out the rest of the relevant pieces of your decoupage
  • ​Attach foam pads to them
  • And build up the picture following the numbers on the sheet

Your card is now finished.

You could also make this extra card

using the small pyramage design on the same sheet