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Red Romance Card


A beautiful card making project

suitable for an anniversary or Valentine's Day


What will you need?

  • DCD576 Red Romance Decoupage sheet
  • ​XL640 Gold Heart Border peel off stickers
  • ​XL641 Gold Heart Corner peel off stickers
  • ​A4 sheet of crimson card
  • ​Card Scorer (optional)
  • White paper insert sheet
  • Double-sided foam pads, glue, double-sided tape, ruler, craft knife & scissors, etc

  • Pop out the main picture from the decoupage sheet.

It may have tiny little lugs of paper around the edge where it has been attached to the rest of the sheet.

You can easily snip these off with scissors

  • ​Measure 8.5cm from the right-hand side of the picture and cut down the length 

  • Take the A4 sheet of crimson card and trim it down to 29cm x 20cm, this will mean the folded card will fit into a standard envelope
  • ​Place the card with the longest side towards you
  • From the right-hand side, measure in 9.5cm and score a line straight down the card
  • ​Measure 5cm in from the left-hand side and score straight down the card
  • ​Fold in both sides along the score lines to create a gatefold card blank

  • Stick the main decoupage picture onto the card blank, matching the two pieces up in the centre.
  • ​Leave approx. 1cm border down both sides and along the top. This will leave a larger border at the bottom of the card

  • Attach a XL640 gold heart border peel off sticker along the bottom of the card, approx. 1.5cm up form the edge

  • Now attach a XL641 gold heart corner peel of sticker to the top left-hand corner of the card


  • The XL641 heart corner peel off sheet also has individual hearts on it, add some of these to the swirl of red hearts down the left side of the card
  • Following the numbers on the decoupage sheet, pop out each layer
  • And build up the decoupage picture using double-sided foam pads. We've used 1mm thick foam pads but you can use thicker ones if you wish
  • There is also a round disc with a heart on the decoupage sheet, pop this out and add a gold heart peel off sticker to the centre of the heart
  • Now attach foam pads to the back but only on the left-hand side as you look at it
  • Stick it on the card, where you have a heart cut in half, and overlapping the opening
  • Pop the square topper from the decoupage sheet and attach foam pads to the back
  • ​Stick it to the bottom of the card on the right-hand side and overlapping the peel off border

The front of the card is now finished.


​You can leave it at this or add an insert sheet inside.



  • Cut a white piece of paper 12.5cm x15.5cm (the same size as the decoupage picture on the front of the card)
  • ​Stick it to the inside of the card with a 1cm border down each side and across the top
  • ​Add a couple of toppers from the decoupage sheet
  • ​And stick a XL640 gold heart peel off border across the bottom of the card at the same level as the front one.

Your card is now finished

and ready for the lucky recipient.

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