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Rainbow Bunting

Easy to make


​Great for parties, weddings, Christmas or for decorating a child's bedroom!

What will you need?

  • Assorted fabrics in a colour of your choice
  • Bias Binding​
  • ​Sewing thread
  • ​Pins, scissors and a sewing machine
  • ​A triangle template - we used one 18cm x 25cm (7" x 10") but you can choose any size you like

We've used lots of different colours but the total amount of fabric used is 1.75m to get approximately 6m of finished bunting.

​25cm x 112cm (10" x 44") of fabric will give you 11 triangles (5 double-sided flags with one triangle left over) This equates to bunting approximately  90cm (35") in length.

​If you are using fabric with a directional pattern make sure it is the right way up when you are cutting. You will also need to make allowances for this when calculating the quantity of fabric needed.

  • Use your template to cut out your fabric triangles, you will need 2 sides to each flag
  • ​Take two triangles and place right sides together
  • ​Pin if you need to

  • Sew down the right hand side of the triangle


  • Then sew two small stitches across the point
  • And finish by sewing up the left hand side, but do not sew across the top short side.

  • ​Snip the bottom point
  • ​Then turn your flag right side out
  • ​You may need a large knitting needle or something similar to carefully push out the point
  • Press flat
  • ​Trim the top edge, making sure it is straight

  • Repeat this process until you have the number of flags you require
  • ​Arrange your flags in the order you want them to hang
  • Lay your first flag on top of the bias binding with the top edge along the centre of the binding​, leave a short length of binding before you start
  • Fold the bias binding over the top of your flag and pin in place
  • Then add the next flag touching the edge of the first flag
  • ​Fold the bias binding over the top in the same way as before
  • ​Repeat this until you have used all your flags
  • ​Stitch the short length of binding in half at the start then stitch all your flags in place, leaving a short length of bias at the other end as well

​You can space your flags out further if you want to by measuring a space between each one and pinning the flags in place

Alternatively -

  • ​You can fold the bias in half and stitch a short length for a tie, keep the bias on the machine
  • ​Then add your first flag, tucking it into the bias so the top edge meets the centre of the binding
  • ​Carry on stitching along the bias binding securing the flag
  • Stop just before you get to the edge of your first flag and tuck the next flag in place
  • Carry on stitching
  • ​Repeat this process until you have used all your flags
  • Carry on stitching along the bias binding after you have added your last flag, this will give you a tie for the end the same as you stated with​
Your bunting is now finished and ready for hanging
This is a smaller version made with a triangular template measuring 9cm x 12cm (3.5" x 5")