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Purple Emperor Butterfly Card


A beautiful card making project. 

Great for a special birthday.



What will you need?

  • DC095 Purple Emperor Butterfly Decoupage sheet
  • ​XL715 Gold Birthday Border peel off stickers
  • ​CPA008 Painted Textures paper pack
  • ​PK248 Cream 150 x 203mm card blank and envelope
  • ​Double-sided foam pads, glue or double-sided tape, ruler, craft knife & scissors, etc

  • Cut out one of the butterfly pictures from the decoupage sheet

  • ​Turn the picture over and place it face down on the back of a sheet of green coloured paper

  • Draw round the leaves to make extra for the background of your card, make as many as you wish

  • Cut the leaves out. You can use an assortment of green paper if you prefer

  • Draw in the leaf veins with a pencil, they will also look fine without the veins

  • Position the paper leaves on the card blank

  • Then carefully place the decoupage picture over the top to check they are in the right place
  • ​Once you are happy with the position lift the decoupage picture off
  • Add double-sided foam pads to the ends of the leaves and glue to the stems and stick them onto the card blank
  • ​If it helps put a little pencil mark where the base of the leaf needs to be


  • Add glue to the acorns and foam pads to the back of the rest of the decoupage picture and stick it in position over the top of the other leaves
  • With the second decoupage picture, carefully cut out the butterfly, leaving as much of the background intact as possible, as you will need it
  • Then cut out the bottom three leaves
  • ​And then the top ones

  • Starting with the bottom three leaves, glue along the edge nearest the butterfly and stick foam pads on the other ends
  • ​Stick directly over the top of the first picture
  • You have five leaves at the top, cut off the left-hand side one, put glue to the stem and foam pads on the other end and stick in position
  • Carefully cut out the acorns leaving the leaves intact
  • ​Stick the leaves down in the same way as before
  • ​Then add foam pads to the acorns and stick them down


  • Now you can attach the butterfly. Glue the body down and add foam pads to the wings
  • Stick a 'Happy birthday' border peel off (XL715) down the left-hand side of the card blank
  • And a small piece in the bottom right-hand corner


​You're now finished.


​Simply change the peel off stickers

and this card is suitable for any occasion.

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2 pictures per A4 sheet. Approx. size 10.5cm x 15.5cm

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