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Plaited Fabric Christmas Wreath


A stylish Christmas wreath

that will look great in any home.



Approx. finished size 35cm (14") diameter

What will you need?

  • Three pieces of fabric 10cm x 112cm/WOF (4" x 44") These can be the same or different.
  • One piece of fabric 15cm x 112cm/WOF (6" x 44") for the bow
  • ​A scrap of fabric or ribbon for a loop
  • ​Toy filling
  • ​A knitting needle or similar for turning out fabric tubes
  • Sewing thread
  • Needle, scissors, sewing machine, etc

  • Fold each 10cm (4") fabric strip in half lengthways right sides together
  • ​Stitch across one end and down the longest side to make a tube

  • Turn right side out using a knitting needle, or similar, to poke out the corners. It's a bit fiddly but persevere. Don't push to hard with the knitting needle as it will go through the fabric
  • ​Stuff each tube. Leave approx. 5cm (2") at the ends with less filling to avoid it being too bulky when you come to join them together. The tubes need to be stuffed reasonably firmly but still need to be flexible

  • When you have finished stuffing each tube close the open ends with a safety pin for now
  • ​Sew the other ends together, making sure the long seams are all facing the same way


  • Plait the tubes together fairly tightly but without crushing them.
  • At this point you will be able to tell if you have enough filling in each tube. If they are too soft simply remove the safety pins and add more. Alternatively, if they are too stiff remove some of the filling

  • When you have finished the plait stitch up the open ends of the tubes
  • ​Bend the plait round into a circle and stich the two ends together

  • You should now have a complete circular wreath

  • For the bow - take the 15cm (6") strip of fabric and fold it in half lengthways, right sides together
  • Mark a diagonal line across each end this will give a better finish to the bow
  • ​Starting in the middle of one of the longest sides, stitch all the way round the strip following the diagonal lines at the ends and leaving an opening for turning.

  • ​Trim off any excess fabric
  • Turn right side out
  • ​Stitch up the opening. Because it is in the middle of one side it will be covered when the bow is tied
  • ​Press

  • Now tie it around the wreath at the point where the join is
  • Tie a bow. Tweek it a bit to get the best shape
  • ​You can stitch it down it you wish

  • Now take a piece of ribbon or a scrap of matching fabric and make a small loop
  • ​Tuck it under the bow at the back of the wreath stitch the ends together and add a few anchoring stitches to the wreath to hold it in place


Your Christmas wreath is now finished.


​You could also turn the wreath the other way up

and have the bow hanging at the bottom instead.


​Why not add beads, baubles or bells hanging in the centre?


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