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Pin Cushion - Square

Fun to make


​A fantastic gift with a personal touch that's useful too!

What will you need?

  • ​2 co-ordinating fabrics 4.5" square
  • ​2 buttons to match
  • 1/2mtr pom pom trim
  • Toy filling
  • ​Co-ordinating sewing thread
  • ​Needle, scissors and ideally a sewing machine


Stitch the pom pom trim to the right side

of one of the squares.

The pom poms need to face inwards as per the picture.​

  • The ends of the pom poms should overlap slightly to finish.​ This ensures there is no gap.
  • Trim the excess off.


Pin the 2 squares right sides together


Stitch from the reverse side which have the pom poms attached leaving a gap to enable turning and stuffing.

You can follow the same line of stitching used to attach the pom pom trim.

  • ​Clip corners if necessary
  • ​Turn right side out
  • Stuff quite firmly
  • ​Stitch up the opening to seal

Now add decorative buttons to the cushion.

  • From one side push the threaded needle through the button, cushion and attach the other button on the other side.
  • Pull the thread firmly to create an indent in the cushion.
  • Repeat until the buttons are secured.
  • ​You can finish the thread with a couple of stitches under one of the buttons. It's tight but with a little squashing and tugging it's possible.

You can use a stronger thread or double up your sewing thread.

You now have your finished cushion