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Paper Christmas Bauble with Tassel

​A beautiful decoration for Christmas


Approx. finished size 12cm x 18cm (4 1/2" x 7 1/4")

What will you need?

  • ​Coloured paper approx. 120gsm or thicker
  • ​Stranded cotton embroidery thread for a tassel
  • ​5mm red pearl beads
  • Silver lurex thread for hanging
  • ​Scrap of card for a template
  • ​Compass or something round to draw around
  • Needle, scissors, pencil, ruler

  • Cut out 20 circles of paper - 2 1/4" (6cm) in diameter 


  • ​You need to make a triangle template out of card that will fit into the circle. Each side should be 2" (5cm)

  • Place the card triangle on top of a paper circle, hold in place
  • ​Fold each side of the circle over the triangle
  • Repeat for each of the 20 paper circles

  • ​Take five of the shapes and place them in a ring with the points in to the centre


  • Now you need to stick them together
  • ​Put glue on one of the side flaps and stick it to the next piece


  • Continue with the other pieces to make a little dome of five
  • Repeat with five more pieces​, these are the top and bottom of the bauble


  • Now lay out the remaining ten pieces, one point up and one point down​​, so they make a straight line

  • Glue the side flaps of each piece as you go and stick it to the next piece
  • ​Leave to dry for a few minutes 

  • ​Now curve the whole piece round and glue the end flaps together
  • ​Leave to dry
  • Now glue the bottom flaps of one of the round end sections and stick it to the circular piece
  • ​Leave to dry for a few minutes
  • Repeat for the other end
  • ​You should now have a round bauble shape


  • Glue small pearl beads into each intersection, but leave the top and the bottom free
  • ​Leave to dry

Now to make the tassel....

  • ​Cut a piece of card about 2 3/4" x 2" (7cm x 5cm) 
  • ​Wrap the embroidery thread around the longest part


​I've used the whole skein of thread which makes a nice sized tassel, but you can use less if you want to.

  • Cut a short piece of the embroidery thread and thread it onto a needle
  • ​Push it under all the strands of thread on the card.​ It is easier to push it under the thread in the middle and then slide it up to the edge.
  • ​Tie it loosely just to hold all the threads together
  • Then cut the threads along the other edge of the card
  • ​Tie it firmly at the top so that the threads will not pull out
  • Smooth all the thread out with your hands
  • Now take a piece of silver lurex thread and tie the end around the tassel about 3/4" (1.5cm) from the top
  • Hold it firmly and warp the silver thread around the tassel a few times to make the tassel head
  • ​Put the end of the silver thread onto a needle and push it through the tassel a few times, under the wrapped thread, to secure it
  • ​Trim the ends of the tassel so that they are all level
  • Using a needle, thread the tassel onto the bottom of the bauble
  • Knot the ends together and trim off the excess thread
  • Add a little blob of glue over the knot to stop it coming undone
  • Cut a 8" (20cm) piece of silver lurex thread and, using a needle, thread it through the top of the bauble
  • ​Knot the two ends together to form a loop
  • ​Glue a final pearl bead onto the top
  • And you're finished

This variation was made in the same way,

but using only eight circles.


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