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Oven Gloves


These oven gloves are a great project to make and an ideal gift.


What will you need?

  • ​2 x 20cm (8") squares of fabric for the pockets
  • ​2 x 20cm (8") squares of fabric for the pocket lining
  • 2 x 20cm (8") squares of wadding for the pockets
  • ​2 pieces 20cm x 75cm (8" x 29") of fabric
  • 1 piece of 20cm X 75cm (8" x 29") thermal wadding (we used Thermolam which the manufacturers recommend you use 2 layers)
  • ​2.5m (99") bias binding
  • ​Matching thread, pins, sewing machine
  • layer a piece 20cm square of packet fabric, wadding and lining together (right sides out)
  • pin one side of bias to fabric and stitch
  • then fold the bias binding over the raw edges and hand or machine stitch in place

We've used an all-over patterned fabric, but if your pattern has a direction you need to decide which way round you want it to go before you sew the bias binding on



You should now have 2 pockets.

​Put these to one side while you make the main part of the oven gloves.

  • ​Layer together one of your 20 x 75cm piece of fabric, the wadding and the second 20 x 75cm piece of fabric (right sides out)
  • Pin together
  • ​Quilt as desired


To round off the corners​ of your base and pockets

  • draw part of the way around a cup, coaster or jam jar


  • cut round the line


  • Pin a pocket onto each end of the base with the bias edge facing into the centre
  • ​Pin and tack in place

  • Fold a 20 cm of bias binding in half lengthways and stitching down the long side
  • ​make into a loop and pin in the centre along one edge of the base

  • Now pin the bias binding round the edges of your oven gloves
  • ​Stitch in place
  • Turn your oven gloves over and fold the bias binding over the raw edges of your gloves
  • Machine or hand stitch in place

​(machine stitching will leave a seam showing around the edge, hand stitching will not)


Your oven gloves are now complete.