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Novelty Christmas Bunting

A great Christmas decoration

for a child's bedroom


Finished size is 1.60m (5ft 3")

What will you need?

  • A 10cm strip of Makower Novelty Christmas Labels
  • Fabric to match your labels (we used 2 different reds & a green).​​ The equivalent of 1 fat quarter
  • 10mm gold jingle bells
  • 2mtr of 25mm wide bias binding
  • Thread
  • Needle, scissors, sewing machine
  • Cut a piece of fabric 10cm x 20cm and lay it flat on the table, right side up
  • ​Cut out one of the labels (picture)
  • Place your label face down on the fabric with the bottom of the label matching up to the short side of the fabric

​You may need to adjust the measurements slightly if you use different labels.


  • ​Stitch along the bottom of the label. You have make the seams quite small as there is not usually a lot of border to the labels
  • Open it out and press the seam flat

​You should have a label with the fabric joined to the bottom


  • Fold the whole thing in half, bringing the fabric up to the top of the label


  • Turn it over onto the label side and mark the centre point along the bottom fold
  • ​Draw a diagonal line from this point upto the seam on each side creating a point


  • Pin or tack the fabric if you need to
  • Then stitch down one side
  • And along the line of the point, just before you get to the very tip, stop and stitch a couple of stitches straight across to the next line instead of going right down to the tip. Then carry on stitching along the line and up the side, leaving the top open

​This will mean you have less bulk of fabric at the point when you come to turn it out and it will look a bit neater


  • ​Once you have done this trim of any excess fabric
  • ​And turn the whole thing right side out and press
  • Repeat the process with the other labels


​You should now have 11 finished pennants. You can leave these as they are if you prefer, or......

  • Sew a gold toy bell onto the point of each one


​You can also embellish with beads, sequins or pom poms if you wish.

  • Now take the bias binding and fold it in half lengthways
  • ​Stitch along the edge for about 25cm
  • Now open up the bias and lay the first pennant in and then fold the bias back over the top
  • ​Carry on stitching along the bias to attach the pennant


You can also lay out the bias first and pin each pennant onto it before you start stitching if you prefer.

  • Continue to stitch along the bias, past the edge of the pennant for about 5cm
  • Then add the next pennant
  • Repeat the process until you have attached all the pennants
  • ​Then continue to stitch a 25cm piece at the end of the bias binding as you did at the start

You can obviously add more pennants

and adjust the spaces in between

to make the bunting longer if you wish.