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Motorbike Maintenance Card


A great card making project

for the man in your life



What will you need?

  • CDT575 Hobbies Card Toppers
  • ​Pearlescent card Regal Blue
  • ​XL742 Silver and Black Handyman Tools peel off stickers
  • 900836 Sheet Metal Backing card
  • ​Card scorer (optional)
  • Double-sided foam pads, glue, double-sided tape, ruler, craft knife & scissors

  • Cut the Sheet Metal backing card down to 20cm x 29cm
  • ​Carefully score down the centre and fold in half to form your card blank

  • ​Cut 2 9cm squares of regal blue pearlescent card

  • Pop out two motorbike toppers from the sheet
  • ​Stick each one onto a square of pearlescent card


  • Attach 1mm foam pads to the back of one and stick it, at an angle, at the top of the card blank
  • ​Add 2mm foam pads to the back of the other topper, leaving the top left-hand corner free
  • ​Attach to the card blank, at an angle, with the top left corner slightly overlapping the other topper

There is an assortment of screw and bolt heads on the handyman tools peel off sticker sheet XL742

  • ​Using the silver sheet, add some of these to the corners of the topper

  • Next start to add the tool peel offs (XL742)
  • ​Stick the silver pliers across the top right corner of the card blank and add black handles
  • ​Cut away the corner of the card blank following the line of the pliers

  • Attach a black spanner, screwdriver and screw to the right hand-side of card blank


  • ​And a black hammer and nails to the bottom left
  • ​Then attach a silver head to the hammer
  • ​Fix more screw heads to the corners of the card blank, this time using the black sheet
  • Cut a piece of regal blue pearlescent card to go in the right-hand corner of the card blank. This needs to be a triangle approx. 5cm x 3cm, but this will depend on the angle that you have placed the pliers across the corner.
  • ​Stick the pearlescent card to the inside right-hand corner of the card blank
  • Next stick a strip of the sheet metal backing card across the corner. You should have some strips left after you trimmed the card at the start
  • Finally, add a screw head peel off onto the corner
When your card is closed the blue pearlescent card will show across the corner

Your card is now finished.


​Add more tool if you wish, sticking some on the inside as well.

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