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Mini Yo-Yo Christmas Wreath Decoration

A lovely little Christmas decoration project


Finished size approximately 8cm (3")


What will you need?

  • 30mm (1.25") Clover yo-yo maker
  • An assortment of fabrics
  • 10 x 5mm beads
  • 1/2 mtr x 3mm of co-ordinating ribbon
  • ​Memory wire
  • Thread
  • Needle and scissors


Make up your yo-yos following the packet instructions.

You will need approximately

  • 11 small (30mm) yo-yos

​You can vary these quantities depending on how big you want your finished wreath to be


​Thread the yo-yos onto the memory wire -

  • Push the wire into the back of each yo-yo and out through the side

​The wire should be sharp enough to do this with a bit of wiggling


  • Finish by pushing the end of the wire back through the holes on the first couple of yo-yos (overlapping the ends)

​Memory wire naturally curves so you shouldn't need to bend it into a wreath shape


  • Stitch the yo-yos in place just to stop them sliding along the wire and bunching up


  • Stitch a bead to the centre of each yo-yo

To make a hanging loop -

  • ​Using a 20cm piece of ribbon push the end of the ribbon under the wire on the back of the wreath
  • Knot the ends of the ribbon together, you can stitch this in place if you wish
  • Next, tie a bow using the remaining piece of ribbon and stitch it to the wreath at the base of the ribbon loop