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Mini Foil Hearts Valentine's Card


A beautiful card making project

using Dufex Foil Picture Prints.

​Perfect for Valentine's Day.

What will you need?

  • 245019 Dufex Hearts Foil picture prints
  • ​Turquoise, lilac and purple pearlescent card
  • ​Dark red card
  • ​White 144 x 144mm square card blank and envelope
  • Double-sided foam pads, glue or double-sided tape, ruler, craft knife & scissors, etc

  • This card uses only the three hearts across the bottom of three of the picture prints

  • ​Cut out the hearts including their square backgrounds, you should have nine hearts in total
  • ​You will notice there is six of one design and three of another. Cut the background off one of the 3 three hearts

​Be careful when you're cutting as the foil can scratch or scuff.

  • Cut eight 3.5cm squares form the turquoise card and one 2.5cm square
  • ​Cut one 3.5cm square from the lilac card
  • ​And one 3cm square from the purple card

  • Now cut a 13.5cm square from the lilac card
  • ​And a 12.5cm square from the red card

  • Stick the lilac square onto the card blank leaving an even border all the way round
  • ​Then slick the red square on top of the lilac, again leaving an even border

  • Attach 1mm foam pads to the back of each of the eight turquoise squares
  • ​Before you stick them down arrange them in place with the single lilac square in the centre. Leave approx. 0.5cm border around the squares
  • ​Once happy with the position stick the lilac square flat and then stick each turquoise square in place

  • Attach foam pads to the dark purple square, turn it so that the points go from top to bottom, side to side and stick it down
  • ​Attach foam pads to the small turquoise square and stick it square on top of the purple one
  • ​Now add foam to the single heart that you have cut out and attach it to the turquoise square

  • ​Now stick foam pads onto the other eight heart toppers and stick them to the turquoise squares


​You have six of the same design to go down each side and two others to complete the central row

Your card is now finished.


​This simple card was made using

just part of a pack of picture prints.

There are other projects to use the rest of the pack.

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all made from the same pack of Dufex Picture Prints.

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Acid and lignin free. Each pack contains 6 sheets of the same design. Size - 14.5 x 11cm

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