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Mini Fabric Christmas Bell


A quick and easy Christmas decoration



Finished size is approx. 4.5cm  x 6.5cm (2" x 2.5")

What will you need?

  • 2 x 9cm (3.5") circles of fabric (different colours)
  • 1 x 10mm toy bell
  • ​30cm (12") x 3mm wide ribbon
  • Sewing thread
  • Needle, scissors, sewing machine


  • Mark out a 7cm (2.5") circle on the wrong side of one of the squares of fabric
  • ​Put both the squares of fabric right sides together
  • ​Stitch round your marked circle leaving an opening for turning

  • Trim off any excess fabric
  • Turn your circle right side out
  • Stitch up the opening and press flat

  • Roll your circle into a cone shape, slightly overlapping. Leave a small hole at the top of the cone
  • ​Stitch in place


  • Take approx. 15cm (6") of ribbon and loop it through the back of the toy bell

  • Fold the raw end of the ribbon over and stitch, securing the bell to the end of the ribbon

  • Push the other end of the ribbon through the top of the fabric cone


  • ​Then loop it over tucking the end back into the top of the cone

​Trim the ribbon if you feel the loop will be to big

  • Stitch to secure in place
  • Make a bow out of the rest of the ribbon and stitch it to the top of the cone at the base of your ribbon loop

Just right for hanging on the Christmas tree