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Mini Christmas Bucket

This super fabric bucket is a great little project

to make for Christmas.


​Finished size approx. 10cm x 15cm including the handle


What will you need?

  • ​10cm x 31cm patchwork fabric plus a 10cm circle of this fabric
  • ​10cm x 31cm fabric for lining plus a 10cm circle of this fabric
  • 10cm x 18cm patchwork fabric for handle
  • ​2 pieces 10cm x 31cm medium weight iron-on interfacing
  • ​2 10cm circles of medium weight iron-on interfacing
  • ​1 piece of 10cm x 18cm medium weight iron-on interfacing
  • ​Needle, thread, iron and a sewing machine

  • Iron the interfacing onto the back of all your pieces of fabric

  • Take the piece of fabric (10cm x 31cm) that you are using for the outside of the bucket
  • Match the 10cm sides together (interfacing on the outside) and stitch in place forming a cylinder.
  • ​Repeat with the lining fabric


  • Pin the 10cm fabric circle to the cylinder of patchwork fabric. At this stage the fabric is inside out.

​If your fabric is directional make sure you pin the circle to the right end to make the base 

  • Stitch together and turn right side out
  • Repeat with the lining fabric but do not turn right side out at this stage
  • ​Clip the seam allowance to help it sit flat if necessary


To make the handle

  • Fold the handle fabric lengthways
  • ​Press and then open out
  • Fold each side into the centre crease and press
  • ​Fold the strip in half again finishing with a 2.5cm handle

  • Stitch along the length of the open side first.
  • Repeat along the other side
  • ​If you wish, you can stitch down the centre as well

  • Pin handle to outside of bucket on both sides, matching with the top of the bucket
  • Tack in place

  • Pin the lining fabric over the outside of the bucket (right sides together)
  • Tack in place leaving an opening for turning
  • Stitch around the top
  • Turn right side out
  • ​Stitch up the opening you left for turning
  • ​Then top stitch around the top of the bucket

This fabric bucket is great gift when filled with

Christmas goodies.