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Lily Sympathy Card


A simple,

yet stylish card making project.




What will you need?

  • B1744 White Lily Flower With Stem
  • ​XL746 Gold Sympathy peel off stickers
  • ​XL632 Gold Border peel off stickers​​​​
  • White 100 x 210mm card blank and envelope
  • ​Double-sided foam pads, glue or double-sided tape, ruler, craft knife & scissors, etc

  • Cut a 5cm x 12cm piece of pastel rainbow paper from the creative paper pack
  • ​Stick it to the card blank leaving a 2.5cm border across the top and down the sides

  • Add a gold peel off border (XL632) around the paper
  • ​And another one around the card blank, approx. 0.5cm in from the edge

  • Take two lilies and curve the stems slightly
  • ​Stick them onto the rainbow coloured paper on the card blank
  • Cut a 1.5cm x 8cm piece of pastel rainbow paper
  • ​Add a message from the XL746 peel off sheet
  • ​Snip a 'v' shape into each end to make it look like a ribbon


  • Add double-sided foam pads to the back towards the centre and glue the ends
  • ​Stick the message down over the top of the lily stems and a slight angle

  • You can use quite thick foam pads to give the message tag a 3d effect

  • The XL746 peel off sheet has extra little elements on it, you can use some of these to add a little bit more detail to your card


Your card is now finished.



​Why not send us a photo of your creations?