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Jiggle It! Card


A fun decoupage

card making project



What will you need?

  • XL514 silver happy birthday peel off stickers
  • ​Jiggle & Jig Double Decoupage Sheet
  • ​1 mtr of ET112-13 6mm flat strung cerise sequin
  • ​PK248 white 150mm x 203mm card blank
  • ​Light purple pearlescent card
  • ​Double-sided foam pads, double-sided tape & glue
  • Card scorer (optional)
  • 1 mtr of ET248-WHT 13mm white floral lace
  • ​Silver glitter or glitter glue
  • ​Craft knife, scissors, ruler


  • Cut out the main picture from the decoupage sheet
  • ​Cut a 11.5cm square from the light purple pearlescent card
  • ​Stick the decoupage picture to this square of card
  • ​Cut a 2.5cm x 21cm strip of light purple pearlescent card
  • ​Stick this down the left hand side of the card blank nearest the fold
  • The pearlescent card will be slightly longer than the card blank so you will need to cut off any excess
  • Score down the edge of the pearlescent card strip, creating an extra fold in the card blank
  • Attach a strip of double-sided tape onto the pearlescent card, approx. 1cm in from the edge
  • ​Attach a length of lace to this taking the ends over and sticking them on the inside of the card blank
  • Cut a 24cm piece of the strung sequins
  • Pull a few sequins from each end of the string
  • Stick the sequin string onto the card along the edge of the lace
  • ​Take the thread ends over the back and attach on the inside of the card blank
  • Now, to cover up the ends on the inside of the card blank, add double-sided tape along the edge where you have scored and along the edge nearest the fold
  • ​Add a small piece at the top and bottom if needed
  • Fold your card over and stick it down
  • ​This will make the front part of your card slightly smaller and all the ends of lace and sequins will be covered up
  • Cut out one of the sentiments on the decoupage sheet
  • ​Attach this onto a small piece of pearlescent card
  • ​Do the same for a 'Happy Birthday' peel off sticker (XL514)
  • Add foam pads to the back of the decoupage picture and attach it to the top of your card blank
  • ​Now add foam pads to the back of each of the two sentiments, leaving the top right-hand corner free on one of them
  • slightly overlap this one with the decoupage sheet and attach the 'Happy Birthday' at an angle lower down on the card
  • Cut out the rest of the decoupage pieces from the sheet
  • Build up your 3D picture using foam pads.
  • Add glitter highlights to the decoupage picture - on the jewellery, in their hair and along the fringing of the costumes
  • Add some of the individual sequins that you removed from the string earlier to the card blank, scattering them around the 'Happy Birthday' tag
  • ​Along with a few dots of glitter or gems if you prefer

Your card is now complete and

ready for a special person.

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Fantastic component for any creative project where you want to introduce a bit of sparkle.
Size 1mtr x 6mm.

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