How To Order Fabric

Most of our Patchwork Fabrics have 4 size options: Fat Quarter, 1/4 metre, 1/2 metre and 1 metre.

To order any of these sizes select the relevant size 'option' and then click on 'Add to Basket'.  If you wish to order larger quantities simply increase the 'quantity' option to the required level. We always cut fabric as a single piece.

Ordering the length of fabric you require:

You can combine the size options to order any length you require, in multiples of 1/4 metre.For example:  if you want to order 2.5 metres of fabric you can do either of the following:Select the 1mtr option, change the quantity to 2 and click 'add to cart'.Then select the 1/2mtr option with the quantity set to 1 and click 'add to cart'.This will show as 2 lines in your basket but we will cut it as a single piece of fabric 2.5mtr in length.

Alternatively you could select the 1/2mtr option and change the quantity to 5. Once again, we will cut this as a single 2.5mtr piece and not as five 1/2 metre pieces.