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Glass Pearl Bead Necklace Set - Turquoise


A simple project for a

necklace, bracelet and ear ring set


​Vary the colours to suit any outfit


What will you need?

  • 2 sets of Trimits 6mm glass pearl beads (approx. 72 beads)
  • 2 clasps
  • 2 ear ring wires
  • 4 jump rings
  • ​3 packs of 12 50mm eye pins
  • Round-nosed jewellery pliers

  • Take one of the eye pins and thread a pearl bead onto it
  • ​Cut off the excess wire leaving approx. 7mm

  • ​Make a loop using the pliers

The more wire you leave the bigger your loop will be

After you've done this a few times you will be able to judge it by eye instead of measuring.

​You need the wire loops to be as even as possible so that the end product is more attractive


  • Take the piece of wire you've cut off and make a loop in one end, hook it onto the first bead before closing the loop
  • Thread a bead onto this wire, cut off any excess, as before

  • Then make another loop in the other end, you should have two beads joined together

You can arrange the beads in any order you like.

I've used 3 dark, 3 medium and 3 light and then repeated.


  • Continue doing this until you have a string of 39 beads

    This will give you a necklace of approx. 45cm (18")

When you have reached the desired length

add a jump ring to each end

  • Now attach one piece of the clasp to one end
  • And the second piece to the other end of your necklace
That's the necklace finished

You can choose any colour beads you like to co-ordinate with any outfit.

And add extra beads if you want to make a longer necklace.

The bracelet is done in the same way but using 15 beads this gives you a length of 19cm (7.5")
And the ear rings are the same again using 2 beads each and adding an ear ring wire.

2 packs of Trimits 6mm glass pearl beads gives you 72 beads.

You need 58 beads to complete this jewellery set at the lengths stated, so you will have a few spare beads if you want to lengthen the necklace or the bracelet.