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Gingerbread Man Decoration


Cute little gingerbread men to hang on the

Christmas tree.


Approx. finished size 12cm x 10.5cm (4 3/4" x 4")

​excluding ribbon loop.

What will you need?

  • Gingerbread coloured felt AC01-47
  • White ric rac trim
  • ​5mm wide gingham ribbon
  • ​Toy filling
  • ​Small 5mm black and white buttons
  • Sewing thread
  • Needle, scissors, knitting needle or similar, etc

  • Cut out 2 gingerbread man shapes


​You can use a gingerbread man biscuit cutter as a template or draw your own.

Ours is approx. 13cm x 11cm (5" x 4 1/2"). You can get 2 complete gingerbread men out of one normal square of felt.

  • Take one of the gingerbread men and sew a piece of white ric rac trim across each arm and leg.​ leave plenty to overlap as you need to tuck the ends in later

  • Sew on 2 black buttons for eyes
  • Add 2 white buttons on his chest
  • ​Use a piece of 5mm wide red gingham ribbon to tie a bow and sew it onto the neck of the gingerbread man 
  • ​Now stitch a little mouth

  • Place your gingerbread man on top of the other one
  • ​Tuck the ends of the ric rac in 
  • And hand stitch round the edges with a running stitch or blanket stitch. If you feel confident you can stitch it on the sewing machine.

  • As you stitch round make sure the ric rac is tucked in
  • ​When you get to the top of the head tuck in a loop of ribbon using approx. 15cm (6") and carry on stitching
  • ​Remember to leave an opening for stuffing

  • When you have stitched round the gingerbread man add the stuffing. You will need to carefully push it in with a knitting needle or similar tool
  • ​Stitch up the opening

Your now finished.

​Why not have a go at Mrs Gingerbread as well?


​Instead of giving her legs you just cut the felt straight

across the bottom to look like a skirt and add the

ric rac in the same way.


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