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Folded Fabric Christmas Table Centrepiece

A beautiful fabric table centrepiece to make

 for Christmas


What will you need?

  • 40cm of patchwork fabric for the backing (red)
  • ​30cm of patchwork fabric for the front (white)
  • 20cm of patchwork fabric for the border (green)
  • 40cm of firm iron-on interfacing
  • Fabric marker (I've used a vanishing marker)
  • Thin card for a template
  • Decorative buttons or beads
  • Thread, needle, scissors, sewing machine


  • Cut twelve 6 1/2" squares of the backing fabric (red)
  • Cut twelve 5 1/2" squares of the front fabric (white)
  • Cut twelve 6" squares of firm iron-on interfacing
  • Cut 1" strips of the border fabric (green)
  • ​Take the 1" strip of border fabric, lay it right sides together on one side of a 5 1/2" square of fabric and stitch along the edge. Open it out and press the seam.
  • Lay a second piece of border fabric along the next side of the square, overlapping the first piece. Stitch along the edge, open out and press the seam flat


  • Continue to add the borders until you have done all four sides of the square
  • Repeat for all twelve squares
  • Iron the interfacing onto the back of the squares of backing fabric


  • ​Now take a square with the border and lay it flat with the right side facing up
  • Place a square of backing fabric face down on top
  • Stitch around the square with a 1/4" seam, this should be approx. where the edge of the interfacing is. Remember to leave a gap for turning
  • Trim across the corners, ensuring you don't cut through the stitches, this makes the corners less bulky
  • Turn right side out and press flat, tucking in the seam where you have an opening
  • Top stitch closely around the edge of the square stitching up the gap as you go, this can be a decorative stitch if you wish
  • Repeat for all twelve squares


To make the template -

  • Cut a 6" square of thin card
  • Starting at the bottom left corner measure and mark 1" across the bottom and 1" up the left side
  • Starting at the top right corner measure and mark 3" across the top and 3" down the right side
  • Draw a diagonal line between the 1" and the 3" points


  • Cut out this shape


  • Lay out one of your fabric squares and place the card template on top
  • Using a fabric marker, draw a line along the two edges of the template
  • Repeat for all of the other squares
  • Put two squares together, back to back, matching up the marked lines
  • Stitch along the line on one side of the square, open it out
  • Then stitch another square on in the same way, matching up the marked lines
  • Continue to stitch the square together making sure they are all the same way round
  • When you have joined all 12 squares, stitch the last square to the first one, giving you a complete circle
  • You should have two points of each square pointing upwards. Take these and stitch them together on the points to reveal the backing fabric
  • Stitch a decorative button or bead onto this join. You can do it at the same time as you stitch the points together

Your table decoration is now finished.


Add a candle, or a vase flowers or greenery

into the centre to complete the look.