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Folded Fabric Christmas Door Wreath

A beautiful fabric door wreath to make

 for Christmas


What will you need?

  • 25cm of patchwork fabric for the backing (grey spot)
  • ​25cm of patchwork fabric for the front (pale grey heart)
  • 20cm of iron-on batting
  • Vanishing Fabric marker
  • 1mtr each of 25mm and 10mm wide ribbon
  • Selection of decorative buttons, beads, sequins
  • Thread, needle, scissors, sewing machine, thin card for a template


  • Cut twelve 4" squares of the backing fabric (grey spot)
  • Cut twelve 4" squares of the front fabric (white)
  • Cut twelve 3.5" squares of iron-on batting
  • ​Iron a batting square onto the wrong side of a square of backing fabric
  • Because the batting square is smaller it makes the seams less bulky when stitched
  • Place the square right side up on the table and lay a square of the other fabric right side down on top
  • Pin together if required


  • ​Stitch round the edge with a 1/4" seam this should be approx. where the edge of the batting is, making sure you leave a gap for turning
  • Clip across the corners, ensuring you don't cut through the stitches, this makes the corners less bulky
  • Turn right side out and press flat, tucking in the seam allowance where you have an opening


  • Top stitch closely around the edge of the square stitching up the opening as you go, this can be a decorative stitch if you wish
  • Repeat for all twelve squares

To make the template -

  • Cut a 3 1/2" square of thin card
  • Starting at the bottom left corner measure and mark 3/4" across the bottom and 3/4" up the left side
  • Starting at the top right corner measure and mark 1 3/4" across the top and 1 3/4" down the right side
  • Draw a diagonal line between the points across the square
  • Cut out this shape
  • Place one of the fabric squares with the backing fabric face down on the table and lay the template on the top
  • Using a fabric marker, draw a line along the two edges of the template
  • Repeat for all of the other squares. If you're using a vanishing marker you might want to do this a few at a time as the ink disappears quickly


  • Put two squares together, back to back, matching up the marked lines
  • Stitch along the line on one side of the square, open it out
  • Then stitch another square on in the same way, matching up the marked lines
  • Continue to stitch the squares together making sure they are all the same way round
  • When you have joined all 12 squares, stitch the last square to the first one, giving you a complete circle
  • You should have two points of each square pointing upwards. Take these and stitch them together on the points to reveal the backing fabric
  • Stitch a decorative button, sequin or bead onto this join. You can do it at the same time as you stitch the points together. (leave one join without a bead so you have space for your bow)

I've used star sequins in two sizes (one on top of the other) and also stitched one on each of the outside points.

I've added small silver beads to the inside points of the wreath and multi coloured star sequins to the joins between each square.

You can as much decoration as you like.

  • Take your 25mm wide ribbon and make two loops crossing the ribbon over in the centre
  • Add a little fold/pleat in the centre and stitch through to hold it


  • Take the thinner ribbon and tie a smaller bow
  • Stitch it into the centre of the larger bow
  • Add a bead or sequin to the centre of the bow
  • Now stitch the bow onto the top of wreath in the space that you have  left
  • Trim the ends of the ribbon in necessary
  • Tie a small bow with the rest of the thinner ribbon and stitch it to one of the bottom joins
  • Stitch a small loop of fabric or ribbon onto the back of the wreath for a hanger
Your festive door wreath is now complete