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Folded Fabric Christmas Decoration


A beautiful fabric project


​A perfect decoration for Christmas


Finished size is 12cm x 25cm (5" x 10")

What will you need?

  • 2 x 18cm (7") squares of fabric in two colours
  • 2 x 15cm (6") squares of fabric in two colours
  • ​10 x 5mm Beads
  • ​1 x 9mm droplet bead
  • 1 x 3mm bead or seed bead
  • 1/4 mtr (10") co-ordinating ribbon or thin cord
  • Thread
  • Needle, scissors, sewing machine
  • Draw a 15cm (6") circle on one of the large squares of and a 13cm (5") circle on one of the small squares of fabric
  • ​Place the two large squares and the two small squares right sides together
  • ​Stitch round each circle, leaving an opening for turning
  • ​Trim off excess fabric
  • Turn each circle right side out
  • Stitch up the opening and press the circles flat
  • ​Top stitch round each circle if desired . I have done on this red and white decoration but I didn't for the red and green version in the picture above. Both look equally attractive


The colour you have face up as you work will be the most dominant one

  • Fold one circle in half and pinch the edges to leave a small crease as a marker for your stitches
  • Open the circle out and fold in half the other way and pinch the edges in the same way. This will mark the quarter points
  • Knot your thread and bring the needle through the edge of the circle at one of the creases
  • Then go across to the opposite side of the circle and bring the needle through the edge
  • Pull the thread so that the edges of the circle meet in the middle
  • Now take the needle through the edge of the circle again and pull the thread bringing the edge into the middle
  • Do the same on the opposite edge of the circle, bringing the edges up in a total of four places

If you flatten this out a bit you get a rough square with 'ears'.

​Leave your needle threaded as you can use the same thread to attach the beads at a later stage

  • Turn the edge of the 'ears' over.
  • You can then flatten out the square a bit more
  • With the thread that is still attached to the centre stitch on a cluster of three beads and finish off your thread. You could use a decorative button if you wish
  • Repeat the process to make the other square giving you two different sized finished squares
  • Knot your thread
  • ​If you turn your squares over you will see each point has a little cuff.
  • Poke your needle under one of the cuffs on the larger square and bring it out through the point
  • Add a bead and take your needle through the point on the smaller square and under the cuff on the back
  • Finish off your thread with a couple of stitches to secure. These will be hidden under the cuff


  • Knot your thread again and take your needle through the opposite point on the smaller square
  • ​Take your needle and thread through 2 5mm beads, a droplet bead and a 3mm bead
  • ​Then push the needle back up the droplet and the 5mm beads missing out the small 3mm bead on the end
  • ​Take your needle back through the point of the square and finish off in the same way as before
  • Stitch a 5mm bead to the top point of the larger square
  • ​Then add a thin cord to the top point of the larger square by threading it through from the back, under the cuff, in the same way as you did previously


You can carry on and add different sized squares

to make your hanging longer if you wish

They also look

just as attractive as individual decorations


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