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Folded Fabric Bauble

Decorate your Christmas tree

with these beautiful baubles



What will you need?

  • 2 co-ordinating fabrics (the equivalent of one fat quarter)
  • Plus a strip of fabric about 5cm x 30cm
  • ​8cm polystyrene ball
  • Sequin pins​
  • 1/2m of 3mm wide ribbon
  • ​1m of 7mm wide ribbon
  • Craft glue

  • Cut out 40 8cm squares from your fabric - 24 in one colour and 16 in the other colour


​The fabric you use for the 24 squares will be the dominant colour, in this case red.

​You can use three colours, just cut 8 of one colour and 16 of each of the other two

  • ​Fold each square in quarters and crease the centre point with your fingers

  • Open the squares out flat
  • Take one of the 24 squares
  • Push a pin through the centre point from the wrong side of the fabric
  • ​Then fold the fabric in half, the pin should be sticking out of the fold

  • Find the centre point of the polystyrene ball, usually the ball is marked already


  • Take your fabric square with the fold at the top and the pin sticking through it
  • Push it into the ball at the central point

  • Now take one top corner of the fabric and fold it down to the bottom centre point and pin in place

Try to keep all the pins as close to the bottom of the fabric as possible so they don't show when you add the next layer of fabric.

  • Do the same with the other top corner
  • ​And then pin down each bottom point, you should have a triangle shape

  • Repeat the process with a second square, pinning it opposite the first

  • Now repeat again with a third square, pinning it to the side of the other two
  • ​When you come to pin the bottom points in place you will find they will overlap slightly. 

  • ​Once again, repeat the process for the fourth square
  • Now take a different coloured square of fabric
  • ​Push the pin into the ball about 1cm from the central point, over the top of the first square that you pinned on
  • Repeat again with a second square, pinning it opposite the other
  • And to the same with the third and fourth squares


​Always work in the same way top and bottom, left and right when you are pinning your squares to the ball.

  • Now, using the same colour fabric, pin the next square on the diagonal line about 1cm from the centre again
  • And another square opposite
  • And the same on each side
  • Now go back to the first colour and pin the first four squares on as before - top and bottom, left and right
  • Now add the next four squares on the diagonal lines
  • That's one side finished
  • ​Now repeat the whole process on the other side of the ball.
  • Try to match up the folds so the lines run around the ball

This is an alternative way of arranging the colours.

Start in the same way by adding four squares of the same colour (red).

​Then add four in a different colour (white). Instead of adding the next four in white use the red fabric.

​Then four squares in white again and four in red to finish.

When you have completed both sides your fabric may or may not meet.

  • If you have a big gap cut a thin strip of wadding and wrap it around the ball filling in the gap. If your fabric meets you don't need to do this
  • Cut a 5cm x 30cm strip of fabric (or ribbon)
  • Fold in each side along the length and press
  • ​Fold the end over
  • Add a blob of glue to the ball and pin the end of the fabric into the ball, over the wadding or the join in the fabric
  • Wrap it around the ball keeping it tight
  • ​Fold over the end, add a bit more glue and pin in place to meet the other end
  • Now take a piece of 7mm wide ribbon (or wider if you prefer) and wrap it around the ball over the top of the fabric strip
  • ​Then tie it in a bow and cut off any excess ribbon
  • Take a  piece of 3mm wide ribbon and thread it under the bow on the ball
  • Tie a knot
  • ​And then tie a knot in the other end to form a loop
  • ​Your bauble is now finished

You can use any colour of fabric, plain or patterned.

​And any size of ball.

Whatever the size of the ball cut the fabric square the same size. As in the one you've just done - 8cm ball, 8cm squares of fabric.

​The ball pictured here is 12cm in diameter and I used 12cm squares of fabric. It also has a bigger bow of pretty organza ribbon with lots of loops.

​You can use different ribbons and trims around the edge of the baubles and even use small baubles, tinsel or artificial flowers and greenery to decorate the top.

​Make them as elaborate as you like.


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