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Foil Hearts Valentine's Card


A beautiful card making project

using Dufex foil picture prints.

​Perfect for Valentine's Day



What will you need?

  • 245019 Dufex Hearts Foil picture prints
  • ​Turquoise and purple pearlescent card
  • ​PK178 White 144 x 144mm square card blank and envelope
  • Double-sided foam pads, glue or double-sided tape, ruler, craft knife & scissors, etc

  • For this card you need 3 picture prints

  • ​Cut out the large square from one of the picture prints, putting aside the three hearts from the bottom of the print. Be careful when you're cutting as the foil can scratch or scuff

  • With the second picture print, cut out the large square again. This time trim of the narrow purple border around the outside
  • Then cut out the central square, giving you a frame
  • ​And then cut the large heart from the centre

  • Taking the third picture print, cut out the large heart from the centre and the 4 smaller ones from each corner.
  • ​If you carefully cut these out you can use some of the pieces that are left in another project

  • You should now have you're three different layers ready to build up your greetings card

  • Cut a 12cm x 12cm square of purple card
  • Stick it to the card blank with an even border all the way round
  • Now, cut a 11cm x 11cm square of turquoise card
  • ​Stick that on top of the purple square, again with an even border all the way round



  • ​Stick the first picture print on top of the turquoise card


  • Add foam pads to the second picture print and stick it on top of the first one (I've used 2mm thick foam pads but you can use any size)
  • ​Do the same with the large heart and stick in the centre



  • You can now add foam pads to the individual hearts and stick them down. The smaller hearts are slightly different sizes so you will need to match them up 

Your now finished.


​This is quite a simple card to make

and it only uses half the pack of picture prints, so you have

enough to make more cards

Why not have a go at the Mini Foil Hearts Valentine's card

or the

Foil Heart Topper Card

all made from the same pack of Dufex Picture Prints.


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