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Foil Heart Toppers Card


A beautiful card making project

using Dufex foil picture prints.


​Perfect for an anniversary,

Valentine's Day or Mother's Day


What will you need?

  • 245019 Dufex Hearts Foil picture prints
  • ​CPA008 Painted Textures paper pack
  • ​XL500 Silver Straight Border peel off stickers
  • ​XL827 Silver Border peel off stickers
  • ​White 100 x 210mm card blank and envelope
  • Double-sided foam pads, glue or double-sided tape, ruler, craft knife & scissors, etc
  • This card uses two foil hearts picture prints


​Be careful when you're cutting as the foil can

scratch or scuff

  • Take one picture print and carefully cut out the three hearts from the bottom and the large one from the centre including their square backgrounds


​If you are careful about the way you cut out the pieces you can use the remainder for another card

  • ​Because I only wanted a tiny border of red around each square I found it easier to stick the heart toppers onto a larger piece of red paper, leaving a small border on two sides

  • ​And then trim them down to an even border all the way round, instead of measuring each piece

  • Do this for all four of the heart toppers

  • Cut a 2.5cm strip of lilac paper
  • Two strips measuring 1cm wide
  • ​And two strips of dark purple measuring 0.5cm
  • ​The length of these needs to be at least 21cm, I've cut them slightly longer, then trim them after they are stuck to the card

  • Stick the 2.5cm wide piece of lilac paper lengthways down the centre of the card blank
  • ​Then stick the two dark purple strips of paper one on either side approx. 1cm in from the edge of the card blank
  • Add a silver border peel off sticker (XL500) down the inside edge of each dark purple strip



  • ​Then stick the two narrow lilac paper strips alongside the silver peel off borders
  • Add a silver border peel off sticker (XL500) down both sides of the wide lilac strip
  • ​Now stick a silver zigzag border peel off sticker (XL827) down each edge next to the dark purple strips


  • Attach foam pads to the heart toppers
  • Arrange them on the card before sticking them down so you get them in the right place 


  • Using a second foil picture print, cut out the same hearts but this time without the square backgrounds


  • ​Attach foam pads to the back of the hearts and stick them on top of the heart toppers. The hearts are all slightly different sizes so you will need to match them up


Your card is now finished

and ready for the lucky recipient



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