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Floral Bouquet Card


A beautiful card making project

Great for an anniversary,

Mother's Day or Special Birthday




What will you need?

  • ​Forget-me-not flower spray
  • XL465 Silver Mother's Day peel off stickers
  • ​XL500 Silver Border peel off stickers
  • ​CPA009 Painted Pastels paper pack
  • ​A scrap of dark green paper
  • Ribbon bow or a small piece of ribbon
  • ​PK245 White 100 x 210mm card blank and envelope
  • ​Double-sided foam pads, glue or double-sided tape, ruler, craft knife & scissors, etc

  • Cut a 6cm square piece pf pale blue paper

  • ​Lay it down with a corner pointing towards you
  • ​Fold the left-hand side point in just over the half way point

  • Then fold the other side in so the two pieces overlap slightly in the middle
  • ​You should now have a long kite shape

  • Fold a small corner down on the right-hand side

  • Then fold a smaller piece down on the left-hand side

  • This is your bouquet shape which will hold the flowers

  • Cut some thin shards of green paper for leaves, they don't have to be perfect or the same size


  • Open out the bouquet and stick the green leaves inside so that they stick out of the top
  • Take the flowers and trim the wires so they will fit inside the bouquet

  • Stick the flowers inside the bouquet
  • ​Then close the flaps and stick them down
  • From the paper pack, cut a 2cm x 21cm piece of pale yellow paper
  • A 1.5cm x 21cm piece of pale pink paper
  • And a 1cm x 21cm piece of pale blue paper
  • ​Starting with the blue, then pink, then yellow strip, stick them down the left-hand side of the card blank


  • Add a silver border peel off sticker (XL500) along the edge of each strip. Start with the thinnest peel off border and end with the widest 
  • Using the same colours, cut a 1cm x 8cm piece of blue paper
  • A 1cm x 6cm piece of pink paper
  • And a 1cm x 4cm piece of yellow paper
  • ​Stick these to the bottom right-hand corner of the card blank, starting with the blue piece
  • ​Add peel off borders as before
  • Cut a 6cm x 3.75cm piece of blue paper and stick a Mother's Day peel off (XL465) onto it
  • Then mount it onto a piece of pink paper leaving a tiny border
  • ​And then onto a yellow piece, again, with a tiny border
  • Stick the bouquet onto the card blank, at a slight angle and towards the top of the card
  • Then attach double-sided foam pads to the Mother's Day topper and stick it to the card blank under the bouquet, also at a slight angle
  • On the XL465 sheet of peel off stickers there is extra little hearts, stick one of these on each of the short paper strips at the bottom of the card blank
  • And three at the top right-hand corner of the card blank along with a couple of tiny dots
  • Attach a ribbon bow onto the front of the bouquet

Your card is now finished

and ready for a special lady.