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Felt Holly leaf Decoration

​An easy little decoration

for the Christmas tree



Great for the kids to have a go at.

What will you need?

  • ​Green felt
  • ​Red pom poms 
  • ​3mm wide red ribbon
  • ​Co-ordinating thread
  • Scissors, needle
  • sewing machine (optional)
  • ​Thin card or paper to make a template

  • Draw a holly leaf shape onto the card or paper and cut it out. It doesn't have to be perfect you just need a guide when your cutting out the felt pieces.


Our template was 9cm x 5cm from point to point and we got 4 complete decorations out of one standard felt square, but any size leaf will work.


  • ​Use your template to cut out 3 holly leaf shapes

  • Next layer them up one on top of the other
  • Take a 15cm piece of 3mm wide ribbon
  • ​Fold it over to make a loop
  • ​And tuck it in between the layers of felt at the stalk end
  • ​Hold it tight so it doesn't pop out again

  • Put the leaf on the sewing machine and start stitching from the stalk where the ribbon is, straight down the middle a short distance, where the leaf vein should be. Make sure you catch the ribbon into the stitches as you go


  • Now leave the needle in the leaf and lift the machine foot, turn the leaf and stitch out to the side to add in the side vein
  • ​Stop before you get to the point, leave the needle in the leaf and lift the foot again, turn the leaf round and stitch back along the same line to the centre
  • ​Now stitch across to the other side and back again

  • Continue down the centre vein stopping to do the next set of side veins
  • ​Then stitch down to the bottom point, stopping before the edge
  • ​Turn the leaf and stitch back up to the top along the same line
  • Now sew a red pom pom onto both sides of the leaf at the top where the ribbon loop is joined (we used glitter pom poms)

  • You can manipulate the layers to make it slightly 3-dimensional

That's it , done.


​You can also hand stitch this if you wish.

​And use buttons instead of pom poms.

Why not have a go at some mistletoe as well?


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