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Felt Christmas Wreath

​A beautiful little

Christmas decoration for you to make



Approx. finished size 11cm dia.

What will you need?

  • ​Green felt
  • 5mm round beads (I've used red & gold)
  • ​1/2mtr of 3mm wide ribbon
  • Co-ordinating sewing thread
  • Needle, scissors, sewing machine

  • Cut 6 strips of felt 2.5cm x 10cm (1" x 4")

  • Take one strip of felt and fold both ends into the centre

  • This will give you a 5cm (2") piece

  • Put this piece on the sewing machine and stitch down the centre, lengthways
  • Stop just before the end and leave the needle in the felt, lift the presser foot up and tuck the next piece of folded felt under, to butt up against the first piece

  • Lower the foot and continue sewing down the centre
  • Keep adding more folded felt pieces until you have joined all six together


  • Then simply curve them round and sew the last piece to the first one


  • You should end up with circle


  • Now pinch the sides of each piece together
  • And stitch in place
  • Now stitch the inside edge of each piece to the next one to make the wreath a bit more rigid
  • Add a bead to each spot where you have pinched the edges of felt together
  • And another bead where each piece of felt is joined. Only sew five beads on...…….
  • ….leaving a space at the top of the wreath
  • Take the 3mm wide ribbon and cut a 20cm piece
  • Loop it round and stitch the ends in the space you have left
  • Using the 3mm wide ribbon, tie a bow and stitch it over the ends of the ribbon loop

Your wreath is no finished.


You can add more decoration if you wish

or use a wider ribbon