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Felt Christmas Boot

​A great little decoration for Christmas.

​Easy enough for the kids to do.


Approx. finished size 7cm x 7cm (2 3/4" x 2 3/4")

What will you need?

  • ​Red and White Felt or colours of your choice
  • White pom pom trim​
  • ​Thread or ribbon for a hanging loop
  • ​Tiny red buttons or beads
  • ​Toy Filling
  • Thread, needle, scissors

  • Draw a boot shape onto card and cut it out to use as a template


​This one is 8cm from heel to toe, 8cm from top to bottom and 5cm across the top (3" x 3" x 2"), and we got four complete boots out of one standard felt square.

But you can do them any size.



  • ​Cut two boots out of the red felt


  • Cut two small hearts out of the white felt
  • ​Stitch one onto each boot about 3cm (1 1/4") from the top (remember to stitch them onto opposite sides)
  • Add a tiny red button onto each heart
  • ​Put the two boots together and stitch round the edge using a blanket stitch or running stitch
  • ​Leave a gap before you finish stitching and stuff it with toy filling, then finish stitching

  • Take a piece of white pom pom trim and stich it around the top of the boot

  • ​Add a thread hanger to the top corner and you're finished

There a lots of different colour combinations to try.

​They also look great strung in a row like bunting.


​Why not send us a picture of your creations?