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Fabric Bread Basket

Easy to make


​A great gift with a personal touch that's useful too!

What will you need?

  • ​2 x 40cm (16") squares of co-ordinating fabric
  • ​8 25cm x 5cm (10" x 2") strips of matching fabric
  • 1 x 40cm (16") square of wadding
  • ​Co-ordinating sewing thread
  • ​Fabric marker and quilters tape
  • ​Needle, pins, scissors and a sewing machine


First make your ties -

  • ​Take a 5cm x 25cm strip
  • fold one short end in about 1/2cm (1/4") and press
  • ​Fold the strip in half lengthways, press and open out
  • Now fold both edges into the centre crease and press
  • Fold in half again, effectively folding the strip into four
  • You should end up with a folded strip approx. 1 1/4cm (1/2") long
  • ​Stitch across the short end that you folded in, and then down the open side of the strip
  • ​Repeat until you have 8 strips the same size, these will be your ties


  • Take one square of fabric, right side up 
  • measure 8cm (3") along from each corner and mark with a water soluble pen or pencil or tailors chalk
  • ​Place the raw edge of one of the ties next to this mark with the length of the tie facing into the centre of the fabric
  • ​Pin and tack in place


  • Repeat this process for all 8 of the ties

  • ​Now place the other square of fabric on top (right sides together)
  • Lay the square of wadding on top of this making sure all the ties are tucked in
  • Pin in place
  • ​Stitch around the edge leaving a gap for turning
  • ​Trim any excess fabric if necessary and snip across the corners
  • Turn right side out and press
  • ​Stitch up the gap
  • ​Top stitch around the edge making sure your ties are out of the way

  • Now, on one side of the fabric, mark 8cm in from each side with a water soluble marker or quilters tape
  • Stitch across from edge to edge, this should line up with the edge of the ties.

  • You should end up with a 22cm square in the centre. This is your base
  • ​If you have used a water soluble marker remove the marks according to the packet instructions
  • Bring up each corner and tie a bow


​This is completely washable and will open out flat for ease of storage.

​If you have used different fabrics on each side it is also reversible.

All you need now is your bread, cakes or cookies


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