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Easter Daffodil Card


A lovely card making project, 

great for Easter.




What will you need?

  • CPA008 Painted Textures paper pack
  • ​CPA009 Painted Pastel paper pack
  • CPA004 White Dots on Bright assorted paper pack
  • ​XL632 Gold Border peel off stickers
  • ​XL280 Gold Happy Easter peel off stickers
  • ​B6211-3 Mini yellow buttons
  • PK245 White 100 x 210mm card blank and envelope
  • ​Double-sided foam pads, glue or double-sided tape, ruler, craft knife & scissors, etc

  • Cut a 8cm x 16cm piece of blue paper from the creative paper pack

  • ​Cut a 8cm x 4.5cm piece of green paper
  • ​Cut a few grass spikes into it, but still leave a 3cm 'base' piece

  • Cut a thin stalk, approx. 10cm long
  • ​And 2 long thin leaves

  • Stick the blue paper onto the card blank leaving a 1cm border at the top and down the sides
  • ​Stick the green paper onto the bottom with the grass spikes overlapping onto the blue paper

  • Now stick the stalk and two leaves onto the blue paper with the ends joining the green paper at the bottom

  • Cut a 4cm square and a 3cm square of yellow paper
  • ​Starting with the 4cm square cut a 2cm line diagonally from each corner towards the centre. Don't cut through the centre
  • ​With the 3cm square, cut a 1.5cm line diagonally from each corner towards the centre

  • Starting with the largest square, place it with the yellow facing upwards
  • Add a small piece of double-sided tape or glue in the centre 
  • ​Take the bottom left-hand point and curve it into the centre and stick down. Don't fold it, you need it to be a loop
  • Turn your square and take the bottom left-hand point again and curve it into the centre

  • Repeat this until you have done all four sides and you have a windmill shape
  • Repeat the whole process with the smaller square, but this time start with the white side facing upwards
  • Stick the larger windmill in place at the top of the stem on the card blank
  • Then stick the smaller windmill on top of that
  • ​Stick a small button in the centre
  • Add a gold border peel off sticker (XL632) around the edge of the blue paper
  • And a gold 'Happy Easter' peel off sticker (XL280) to the top right-hand corner
  • There are also extra little elements on the XL280 peel off sheet. I've added a little chick at the bottom of the daffodil 

You have now finished your card

and it is ready for it's lucky recipient.



​Why not send us a picture of your own creations.