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Easter Chick Card


A simple card making project, 

great for Easter 


What will you need?

  • ​XL424 Black Border peel off stickers
  • ​XL632 Black Border peel off stickers
  • ​XL813 Black Letters peel off stickers
  • ​A4 Mango coloured card
  • ​A4 Solar coloured card
  • ​Black fine marker pen or felt tip
  • PK178 White 144 x 144mm card blank and envelope
  • ​Double-sided foam pads, glue or double-sided tape, ruler, craft knife & scissors, etc

  • Cut two circles of yellow card 6cm in diameter, you can use a compass to do this or draw round a glass

  • ​Fold each circle in half
  • ​Put a double-sided foam pad inside the folded circles and stick down. You can use quite a thick foam pad, it's just to give each chick a slight 3d look

  • Now you need to cut out two wings from the orange card, you can use either shape

  • Stick a foam pad under the tip of each wing and glue the other end
  • ​Stick one wing to each chick, bearing in mind they will be facing each other so they need to be the opposite way round

  • Stick a wavy peel off border (XL424) along the bottom of the card blank, about 1.5cm up from the bottom
  • ​Lay the two chicks on the card blank roughly where you want them to go and stick peel off borders (XL632) in place for the legs

  • Now stick each chick onto the card blank facing each other and at a slight angle
  • ​Draw a small round eye and a beak on each chick

  • Add peel off letters ((XL813) to make a 'Happy Easter' message across the top of the chicks, you can also use happy easter peel off stickers if you prefer or use the letters to personalise your card

Your card is now finished.


​Quick, simple

and easy enough to do with the children.