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Drawstring Bag


This small drawstring bag is great for keeping little toys tidy


What will you need?

  • ​1 fat quarter of fabric approx. 50 x 56cm (19.5" x 22")
  • 1 17cm square of co-ordinating fabric
  • ​2mtr cord
  • ​Matching thread, pins, scissors, sewing machine
  • Cut the selvedge of the fat quarter
  • Hem across the longest top edge
  • ​Cut the fat quarter in half lengthways


Put to one side while you make the pocket


Take the piece of co-ordinating fabric -

  • Fold over a seam allowance twice
  • Stitch down and press. This is the top edge of your pocket



  • Fold over a seam allowance twice on each of the other 3 sides of the pocket and press
  • Take one of the bag pieces and measure 20cm (8") down from the top edge.
  • ​Place your pocket level with this point and centred across the width
  • Pin the pocket to the right side of this bag piece
  • ​Stitch in place


  • From the top of each bag piece measure 12cm (5") down each side and mark
  • Place both bag pieces right sides together, pin and stitch from your 12cm marker down the side, across the bottom and back up the other side to your 12cm marker 

  • press the top of each side seam flat
  • ​Continue to press that seam allowance up to the top of your bag. This is going to form a hem for the channel in which the cord will go

  • Stitch in place, down one side and back up the other


Backstitch at the base for strength

  • Fold the top of your bag over approx. 6cm (2.5") to meet the point at the bottom of the opening on each side
  • ​Match up the seam and pin in place
  • Stitch around the bag at the bottom of the piece you have folded down
  • ​Then stitch across the top closest to the fold on each side
This will give you a bag with a slit down both sides and a channel across the top
  • Mark and cut out a 3cm (1.25") square at each bottom corner of the bag
  • Open this out
  • Match up the side and bottom seam
  • Pin in place and stitch across the corners.
  • Turn right side out and press


  • Fold the cord in half and cut
  • ​Thread one piece through one side of your bag and then through the other side
  • ​Knot the ends together

​You might find it helpful to attach a large safety pin to the end of the cord to help threading

  • Do the same with the other piece of cord, going the opposite way.
  • ​Knot the ends together (you could also add a large bead to the cord ends if you wish)
  • ​Pull each cord to gather up your bag

This version has only 1 cord.

​Follow the same instructions but instead of cutting the fat quarter in half just fold it and only have an opening on one side for the cord