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Cogs Birthday Card


An easy greetings card to make.



​You can change the sentiments

to suit any occasion.



What will you need?

  • PK249 black card blank 104mm x 152mm
  • XL764 silver & gold Cogs peel off stickers
  • ​XL815 gold Deco border peel off stickers
  • XL642 gold Happy birthday peel off stickers
  • ​PK269 clear polyester sheet
  • 3mm double-sided tape
  • Foam pads
  • ​White insert sheet to fit card blank
  • ​Scissors, craft knife, ruler, pencil
  • Carefully cut out a rectangle measuring 5.5cm x 7.5cm from the front of the card blank
  • ​Cut a rectangle of the clear polyester sheet measuring 7cm x 9cm
  • ​Attach it to the inside of the card blank with double-sided tape, covering the hole you have just cut out
  • The XL764 peel off sheet has a rectangle of cogs on one end. carefully peel this off and attach it to the front of your card blank on the polyester. It should just fit in the rectangle you have cut.

I've used the silver peel offs but you could use the gold instead. 


  • Using the other XL764 peel off sheet, add more cogs to the design
  • Stick some of the smaller cogs onto the remaining polyester sheet
  • ​Cut them out. Because the polyester is clear you don't need to cut out each individual spoke on the cogs you can just cut round the edge in a circle.
  • Fill in the centre with small dots from the peel off sheets

  • Stick a foam pad to the back
  • Stick them onto the front of your card

Because the polyester sheet is clear you will be able to see the foam pads from the inside of your card​

You can cover these with slightly smaller cogs
  • Using the XL815 Deco border peel off sheet, add a border on the inside of your card around the edge of the polyester sheet to cover up the double-sided tape
  • Using the same Deco border peel off sheet on the front of the card, add a border down the side nearest the fold.
  • ​And a short piece of border at the bottom of the card.
  • Trim off any excess.
  • ​Then add a  XL642 'just to say' peel off just above the short border at the bottom
  • Now attach an insert sheet to the inside of the card using double-sided tape or glue. You only need to stick it down the fold side
  • ​Stick more assorted cogs onto this, checking the placement by looking through the front panel
  • ​Add extra small cogs and dots from the same peel off sheets.
  • Open up the insert sheet and attach a XL815 Deco border peel off down the side nearest the fold
  • ​Attach a XL642 'Happy Birthday' peel off in the centre
  • ​And some small cogs and dots to the top right-hand corner

Your card is now finished.


​When to card is open and standing up

the double layer of cogs gives a 3D effect to the card.