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Christmas Wreath Card


A beautiful Christmas card project




What will you need?

  • XL838 gold & gold-green Holly leaf peel off stickers
  • XL608 gold-green holly border peel off stickers
  • ​XL832 gold Christmas Banners peel off stickers
  • ​ZL633 glitter red border peel off stickers
  • ​CPA016 Vintage Christmas paper pack
  • PK269 Clear polyester sheet
  • ​CF01 35403 4mm red pearl beads or gems
  • ​Double-sided foam pads, glue, double-sided tape, ruler, craft knife & scissors
  • ​PK248 white 150mm x 203mm card blank
  • ​A scrap of red card

  • Stick 8 gold holly peel off stickers onto the clear polyester sheet and cut round each leaf

  • ​Repeat this with the gold/green holly peel off stickers

  • Cut a 10cm x 20cm piece of Vintage Christmas paper​. I've used the 'Happy Christmas' design but any out of this pack will be fine
  • ​With your card blank in a landscape position, stick the paper across the centre of your card blank


  • Add a glitter red border peel off sticker (ZL633) to the edges of the decorative paper

  • Now add a gold/green holly border peel off sticker to the top and bottom of your card

  • Trim off any excess border

  • Fold some of the holly leaves down the centre to create a 3D effect

  • It might help to pair up a gold holly leaf with a gold/green leaf and arrange them roughly how you want them to go


Start at the top with the holly leaf approx. 7cm from the side edge of the card. If it helps you can draw a light pencil circle approx. 6cm dia. onto the card as a guide.

  • ​Put a foam pad under the end of a gold holly leaf and stick it to the card
  • ​Do the same with a gold/green holly leaf attach it to the card slightly overlapping the gold leaf

You can add glue to the holly leaves if you like, but they will stay in place with a foam pad and the opposite tips will be overlapped by other leaves as you build up your wreath shape

  • Working anti-clockwise, add more leaves in the same way curving them slightly to form a wreath shape
  • ​Alternate the colours as you go. If your last gold/green leaf was on the outside put the next one on the inside edge of the wreath
  • Keep adding leaves until you have a full circle

​You may need a few extra leaves if your positioning is tighter or your circle is bigger than mine.

  • Once you have finished your circle of leaves you can start to add the red pearl beads to represent the holly berries. You can add as many as you like.

You can also use red gems or tiny buttons

instead of the pearl beads.

  • Now take a 'Happy Christmas' peel off sticker (XL832) and attach it to the red card
  • ​Cut it out
  • ​Add foam pads to the back
  • And position it on your card to the right side of the wreath

The XL838 peel off sheets have small dot stickers on them as well as the holly leaves.

  • ​Use one large and two small green dots on the top right corner of the decorative paper
  • And one small green dot in the other three corners
Your Christmas Wreath Card is now complete

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