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Present Pocket

​A perfect decoration for Christmas


Approx. finished size 8.5cm x 13.5cm (3 1/2" x 5 1/4")

What will you need?

  • ​Fabric labels (we used Makower novelty labels - 1806 sold in 10cm strips)
  • ​Co-ordinating fabric 10cm x 40cm (4" x 16")
  • ​Gold lurex thread for a hanging loop
  • Co-ordinating ribbon for a bow
  • ​3mm gold bead trim
  • Thread, needle, scissors, sewing machine

  • Cut a piece of fabric 10cm x 40cm (4" x 16")
  • ​Lay it right side up and place a fabric label right side down on top of it, with the bottom of the picture at the end of the fabric


  • ​Stitch across the end
  • ​Open it out and press the seam flat


  • Fold the whole thing in half
  • At the opposite end from the picture, mark the centre of the fabric across the width (5cm)
  • Measure along each of the longest sides and mark the 5cm (2") point
  • ​Draw a line diagonally from the side points to the central point to form a pointed end
  • Start stitching along one of the longest sides

  • ​Stitch around the fabric following the lines you have marked at the end
  • Stop just before the point and stitch a couple of stitches straight across the point, this will make the point less bulky when you turn it out
  • Continue along the other side stopping before you get to the end to leave an opening for turning
  • ​Trim off any excess fabric, turn right side out and press flat


  • Stitch up the opening
  • ​Fold the picture up to the base of the point to form a little pocket
  • ​Pin in place if required


  • Top stitch all the way around, including along the point


You should now have a pocket.

​You can leave it like this and just add a loop for hanging or..............

  • Take a piece of gold bead trim and stitch it to the top of the pocket by taking your stitches over the top of the trim and through the edge of the fabric

​You don't need to worry about the ends, the beads are moulded onto the thread so they won't fall off, you can just snip the end to the right size.

  • Now, cut a piece of gold lurex thread, about 15cm (6")
  • ​Stitch it through the top of the point
  • ​And knot the two ends together to form a loop

  • ​Tie a small bow with the ribbon and stitch it onto the point of the pocket

You're now finished, all you need is a little present for the

inside and it will hang perfectly on the Christmas tree ready

for little fingers to find.