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Christmas Bauble Card


A beautiful Folded Paper

Christmas card project





What will you need?

  • XL827 Gold Border peel off stickers
  • XL461 Gold Border peel off stickers
  • ​CPA030 Christmas Words assorted paper pack or coloured paper of your choice
  • ​Small piece of ribbon 7mm wide
  • ​Round aperture card blank 88mm x 114mm PK015
  • ​A piece of white card
  • ​Glue, double-sided tape, ruler, craft knife & scissors

  • Cut the paper into 2cm x 4cm rectangles

  • ​Place the paper face down and fold the bottom corners up into the middle

  • To form a triangle


  • You need 20 triangles for this card
  • You need 4 for the centre, 8 for the next row and 8 for the final row. I've used two colours but you can use more if you wish

  • Cut a piece of card that will fit inside your aperture card
  • ​Draw a cross on the card to find the centre for your starting point
  • ​Line up your first triangle with the lines of the cross on the card and stick it down

  • Repeat with another three triangles

  • Using a different colour, stick a triangle about 1cm away from the central point along the line between the first layer of triangles
  • Repeat with another three triangles of the same colour

  • Add another four triangles of the same colour in the gaps between the others
  • ​You should now have a star shape formed in the centre

  • ​Repeat the same process with another colour​, leaving about 1cm gap from the points of the last triangles or 2cm from the central point
  • Continue until you have used all the triangles. There isn't any need for you to stick the flaps down on each triangle unless you want to
  • ​Leave to dry
  • Turn your card blank upside down so that the aperture is nearest to the bottom of the card

  • Stick a gold border peel off (XL461) from the centre of the top of the aperture to the top of the card blank, to resemble a hanger for your bauble
  • Now stick a gold border peel off (XL827) all the way around the edge of the aperture


  • Place your fold paper bauble behind the aperture and line it up centrally
  • Stick it down with double-sided tape or glue
  • ​And fold the other part of the card blank (the piece that is on the right hand side as you look) across the back and stick it down
  • The border peel off XL461 has tiny squares on it which you can stick onto the points of the bauble
  • Use the ribbon to tie a bow and stick it to the top of the bauble
  • Add a paper insert sheet to the inside of the card
  • ​You're now finished