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Fabric Bucket


This super fabric bucket is a great project to make and it makes a great gift, if you can bear to part with it!


What will you need?

  • ​8" x 28" patchwork fabric plus a 9" circle of this fabric
  • ​8" x 28" fabric for lining plus a 9" circle of this fabric
  • 6" x 15" patchwork fabric for handle
  • ​8" x 28" wadding plus a 9" circle
  • ​8" x 28" medium weight iron-on interfacing Plus a 9" Circle
  • ​1.5" x 6" wadding for handle
  • ​Needle, thread, iron and ideally a sewing machine
  • Pin your patchwork fabric to the wadding and quilt as you wish. We quilted vertical lines 2" apart
  • Repeat with the 9" patchwork fabric circle
  • Iron the interfacing onto the back of the lining fabric
  • Repeat with the 9" circle of lining fabric

You now have a 28" strip of quilted fabric. 

  • Match the 8" sides together (wadding on the outside) and stitch in place forming a cylinder.
  • ​Repeat with the 28" strip of lining fabric


  • Pin the 9" quilted fabric circle to the cylinder of patchwork fabric. At this stage the fabric is inside out.



  • Stitch together and turn right side out
  • Repeat with the lining fabric but do not turn right side out at this stage
  • ​Clip the seam allowance to help it sit flat if necessary


To make the handle

  • Fold the handle fabric in along the length
  • ​Press and then open out
  • Fold each side into the centre crease and press
  • ​Place your 1.5" strip of wadding inside one half of the fabric strip
  • ​Fold the strip in half again finishing with a 1.5" handle

  • Stitch along the length of the open side first.
  • Repeat along the other side
  • ​If you wish, you can stitch down the centre as well

  • Pin handle to outside of bucket on both sides, matching with the top of the bucket
  • Tack in place

  • Pin the lining fabric over the outside of the bucket (right sides together)
  • Tack in place leaving an opening for turning
  • Stitch around the top
  • Turn right side out
  • ​Top stitch around the top of the bucket closing the hole as you go
This fabric bucket is great gift when filled with goodies such as home made bread and jam!