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Button Balloons Card


A easy card project


Great for any occasion.


Why not make it pink or blue for a new baby?


What will you need?

  • XL632 gold Border peel off stickers
  • ​XL775 Gold Birthday peel off stickers
  • CPA004 White Dots On Bright Assorted Paper Pack
  • CPA005 White Dots On Pale Assorted Paper Pack
  • ​A scrap of thick thread or ribbon for a bow
  • ​PK245 White 100mm x 210mm card blank
  • ​5 assorted buttons
  • ​Double-sided foam pads, glue, double-sided tape, ruler, craft knife & scissors

  • Cut a 7cm x 17cm piece of dark blue spot paper
  • ​Stick it to the card blank

  • ​Cut a 6cm x 10cm piece of pale blue spot paper
  • ​Stick to the dark blue paper, placing it near the top

  • Arrange the 5 buttons on the card blank
  • ​Add peel of border stickers (XL632) to represent balloon strings
  • ​Lift each button, add a blob of glue and replace it, covering the top end of the peel off border


  • Add a gold peel off border (XL632) all the way around the edge of the dark blue spot paper

  • Using the pale blue spot paper, cut out 2 cloud shapes. These can be the same or different, but need to be big enough to fit your peel off

  • Add a peel off sticker (XL775) to each cloud

  • ​Stick them onto the card blank underneath the button balloons

  • If you prefer you can use 2 rectangles of pale blue paper for your birthday wishes instead of the clouds


  • ​Take a piece of thread or ribbon and tie a bow. (We used Glitter Thread Light Gold H1002-11)
  • ​Attach it to the balloon strings


Your card is now ready for it's lucky recipient.