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Autumn Leaf Garland


An easy felt autumn garland to make.



We used ours for an autumn window display in the shop.

What will you need?

  • ​A selection of acrylic felt - brown, yellow, green, etc
  • ​3mm wide ribbon for loops (approx. 1/4mtr)
  • ​Card or paper for a template
  • Sewing machine, thread

​The amount of felt depends on the length of garland you want. We used 7 felt squares in different colours, cut 5 leaves from each square which resulted in 3.5m of garland 

  • Make a basic leaf shaped template using card or paper,. You can vary the sizes and shapes. (our leaves are all 12cm long but vary in width from 9cm - 13cm)
  • Cut out as many leaves as you require

​You can also just cut out the shapes free hand if you wish, they don't need to be identical.

  • Once you have cut out the basic leaf shapes you can make them more interesting by cutting into each leaf to add a spikey edge.

  • Arrange the leaves in the order you want them to be

  • Place the first leaf on the machine and stitch down the centre towards the point


  • Stop just before you get to the point with the needle in the felt, raise the presser foot and tuck another leaf under the edge of the first leaf
  • ​replace the foot and carry on stitching
  • ​Continue adding new leaves until you have the desired length

  • Take a piece of 3mm wide ribbon approx. 12cm long
  • ​Make a loop and place it on the back of the last leaf and stitch across the raw edges a few times to secure it

  • Repeat with the other end of the garland
  • ​You can stitch a small leaf or a small piece of felt over the top to cover the stitching if you wish, but once the garland is hung up the stitching of the ribbon loop won't show

Your autumn leaf garland is now finished.



​Great for a Halloween party or harvest festival.